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SIS – SUPINFO Information System

Who are we?

SUPINFO Information System (aka SIS) is the IT department of SUPINFO, an international computer school (present in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa).

The core team is based in Paris, but we are not alone. Local teams are present on campuses, to work on campuses and help local students and staff if needed.

What do we do?

In a computer school as big as SUPINFO, and who wants to bring the same level of service to its students regardless of the site, the role of IT is essential. The most difficult tasks to accomplish this mission are:

  • Interconnecting schools networks with broadband
  • Select, evaluate and integrate a set of comprehensive services offered to the group (email, phone …)
  • Provide back-office tools for the proper management and automation of daily tasks
  • Optimize and automate processes to ensure good quality of service

Can we help?

If you encounter any problem related to your campus (eg. network problem, WIFI access …), please contact directly your local SIS team (you can ask your Campus Manager / Campus Assistant to give you the contact).

For any gobal problem, please post a ticket on the appropriate section.

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