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External developments


You want to develop your own website or application? You want to offer a service to SUPINFO community? Before you start something, please read the following.

External developments

All the developments in SUPINFO are controled and coordinated by SIS:

  • SIS defines the general architecture of the softwares developed within the Information System of SUPINFO, guarantees the coherence and harmony of these software developments within the Information System, provides some applications to other departments (Open Campus or our SSO among others), guarantees the confidentiality and security of data.
  • SIS can’t be a bottle neck for the introduction of new services, it should nevertheless be a mandatory point of passage for these new services. Before creating a project that needs to be integrated or linked to the SUPINFO Information System, you first need to contact SIS for agreement.
  • SIS is positioned as an architect of the SUPINFO Information System. To this end, the SIS must be involved in all the projects:
  1. Upstream: to validate the integration of this development in our Information System, to validate some technical details (the use of our SSO for instance), to help you to integrate your project in the Information System and keep harmony in the Information System…
  2. During development: to help the integration of the services we provide, to ensure compliance with good development practices (especially related to security)…
  3. Etc.
  • SIS is neither project leader nor project manager regarding your project. Indeed, people wishing to develop their own projects have their own constraints. On the other hand, these people must consider and follow the rules defined by the SIS for the development of their projects.

Remarks: regarding existing applications already in use, developed before (and sometimes indepently of the SIS), they have to respect the rules described above. If you are in this situation, please contact SIS immediately using the Projects that do not respect these rules might be closed at anytime.

The main goals of these rules are not to block any project, and at the same time, to ensure harmony an durability of our Information System.

Mandatory when working on a project

When working on a project that needs to be part of SUPINFO Information System, you have to:

  • Contact SIS for agreement (using the
  • Document the projects (description of need, specifications, functional documentation, technical documentation…).
  • Use our SSO service to authenticate users (if you need an authentication of course).
  • Use further SIS services if needed (depending on the service you need and its availability).

When working on a web site for a laboratory, you have to:

  • Contact SIS for the domain name (the domain name of a laboratory website have to be property of SUPINFO).
  • Check with SIS for a hosting platform.
  • Use a Google Analytics code to your web site (which will be given by SIS, of course SIS will share it with you).

Projects that do not respect these rules might be close at anytime.

What’s next?

For any question about these rules, or if you want to create your own project, please contact the SIS team using the